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Mindfulness and compassion

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
  Lao Tzu  

Mindfulness helps us to rest our attention in the present moment and to learn to hold experiences - whether they are pleasant or unpleasant - in a more balanced way. Compassion allows us to meet what we are feeling  with more kindness.

Thanks to mindfulness and compassion practices, we can learn to move through life with less stress, more resilience, less pain and a greater sense of wellbeing.


Mindfulness 1:1 sessions

The benefits of mindfulness

A wealth of peer-reviewed scientific papers have shown that:

Mindfulness can improve mood and quality of life, including in chronic pain conditions

Mindfulness can be an antidote to anxiety and stress. It soothes the parts of the brain that produce stress hormones and strengthens the areas that lift mood. It enhances resilience and mental and physical stamina.

Mindfulness can reduce pain and how we react to pain, reducing ‘ pain ‘unpleasantness’ levels significantly

Mindfulness enhances brain function, increasing self-awareness, empathy, attention and self-control

How mindfulness and compassion can help you 

Meditation can be simple. It does not require any special equipment.

It is a form of mental training that can be done anywhere: on buses or trains, while walking or at work.

It does not take a lot of time, it is not difficult or complicated, although it does require effort and persistence. 

It can help you cope with illness, pain, anxiety, stress and exhaustion.

It can help you enjoy life and achieve your goals, whatever they are. 

Private sessions

I am offering online private mindfulness & compassion sessions (£60/hour). Sessions are tailored around your needs, whether you might like a short introduction to mindfulness or a full 6-week programme to help you build the foundations of a regular practice.

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